Served with zucchini, broccoli, mushroom, onion, carrot and homemade hibachi sauce
Choice of Fried Rice or White Rice, Choice of Spicy

H1. Hibachi Chicken 6.55
H2. Hibachi Shrimp 7.55
H3. Hibachi Steak 8.55
H4. Hibachi Beef 7.15
H5. Hibachi Scallop 8.95
H6. Hibachi Tofu 6.55
H7. Hibachi Vegetable 4.95
H8. Hibachi Chicken and Shrimp 9.85
H9. Hibachi Chicken and Steak 10.85
H10. Hibachi Chicken and Beef 9.85
H11. Hibachi Chicken and Scallop 11.85
H12. Hibachi Shrimp and Scallop 12.85
H13. Hibachi Steak and Shrimp 12.85
H14. Hibachi Steak and Scallop 12.85